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101 Family F2
102 Family F268
103*%20%2Bmother_givenname%3AMarg~%20%2Bmother_surname%3ACald* Family F15
104 If this William is not the son of James & Janet Jameson of Lancaster Co., PA, then the 1713 immigration date is not correct for him. Jameson, William (I6)
105 In 1891, George Jameson bought the house at number 18 Parnell Square North, Dublin, and in 1893 had it completely redone, using the noted architect Alfred Darbyshire. It has since become the "Writers Museum of Dublin." Jameson, George (I179)
106 Information is also from "A History of the Aberdeen Incorporated Trades by Ebenezer Bain. Page 59in the book and page 80 in the pdf file. William and Andrew (Androa) are also mentioned briefly invarious parts of this book. Jamesone, Andro (I2)
107 Information is also from "A History of the Aberdeen Incorporated Trades by Ebenezer Bain. Page 59in the book and page 80 in the pdf file. William and Andrew (Androa) are also mentioned briefly invarious parts of this book. Jamesoune, William (I15)
108 Inherited Dardistown Castle, County Meath, Ireland from his cousin Henry Ralph Osborne. Auction of goods 2009 Cordy's Auction House. Jameson, Patrick Geraint DFC, DSO, DFC (I517)
109 Is his wife Elizabeth Pringle the Elizabeth sometime listed as his sister? Pringle, Elizabeth (I58)
110 Issue study - here Jamieson, John Paul (I1)
111 It is said that William Jameson died while at a Tea Garden Jameson, William (I114)
112 It is sometimes questioned as to if this was a child of Elizabeth and John Ower or of Elizabeth and Sir John Jamison. Elizabeth fell pregnant to Sir John in December 1824 but married emancipated Scottish stonemason John Ower in April 1824. She was 5 months expecting, but not to John Ower. Jamison, John Thomas (I54)
113 It is thought that this John Jameson was married twice, The exact name of his first wife is not known, although some say it was "Agnes" and possibly "Agnes Allison." We do know his second wife was named "Janet" and it is most often thought that this would have been "Janet Keen." However, this John's mother was also named "Janet" and some say it was her (his mother) who was" Janet Keen."

This John was known to have 12 surviving children, one of which from his first wife and the remaining with his second wife "Janet." Unfortunately we do not know which with whom. We have listed, as a matter of convenience, all the known children with "Janet." 
Jameson, John (I1)
114 James Jameson became involved with his brother William in his whiskey business in Dublin and by 1820 it was known as the William and James Jameson Whiskey Company. James took ownership of the business entirely by 1825, presumably after William had died, Eventually, by the end of that century, the William and John Jameson Whiskey companies were merged and became known as the John Jameson and Sons Whiskey Company. Jameson, James (I19)
115 James Jameson lived at 19 Harcourt Street in Dublin for many years. In 1836 he built a home in Montrose, Donnybrook, a suburb of Dublin, which has since become Dublin's home of RTE. He also bought the large 3,123 acre Winfield estate, in Moylough, County Galway. Jameson, James (I19)
116 James Jameson, was elected a member of the Royal Dublin Society in 1811. His proposers were Lord Charleville and Thomas Lysaght. He remained a member until his death. Jameson, James (I19)
117 James Robert Jameson was undertaking officer training with the German army, before returning to Ireland, when he met and married Sophia Theodora Magdalene Martha Flörke, while stationed in Germany. Jameson, James Robert (I254)
118 Jamison fathered a number of illegitimate children by several mistresses. These mistresses included Mary Griffiths - the daughter of Regentville's dairyman. Jamison married Mary a few months before his death, thus enabling her to be styled Lady Jamison. Jamison, Sir John (I6)
119 Jamisontown, New South Wales, Australia, Wikipedia Family F2
120 Jefferson, Hospital Jameson, Doctor Frank Slater (I3)
121 John Jameson became involved with his family interests in the Bow Street Distillery of Dublin, in the early 1800s. He had married Isabella Stein, daughter of John Stein, that distillery's original owner. By 1825, presumably upon the death of his father, John became the sole owner of the Jameson Whiskey Company. By the end of the century, his and his brothers, James and William, Whiskey company, were merged into what became known as John Jameson and Sons Whiskey Company. Jameson, John (I15)
122 John McLean, and his family, came to Australia in 1837 from the Isle of Syke, Scotland, aboard the "Bounty Immigrant" ship "Midlothian," to take over, the Glen Alice estate, from his wife's brother, John MacLean, Superintendent of Agriculture and long time Superintendent of the Botanic Gardens, Sydney, who died shortly thereafter (1840), on Norfolk Island.  Family F20
123 Killed in action (WW 1) on Greenland Hill, Fampoux on the River Somme Jameson, Jarry Roderick Victor (I693)
124 Killed in action in World War 1 at the Battle of Arras. Jameson, Captain Ian Herbert Sydney (I689)
125 Killed in action in World War I Jameson, Edmond John DSO (I370)
126 Killed in action, WW I Jameson, Harold (I5)
127 Killed in air raid Fort Cumberland, England Jameson, Harold Gordon (I566)
128 Knighted for services to agriculture Barter, Sir Richard J.P. (I532)
129 Lieutenant-General Sir Harry David Jones, GCB, Last Life Governor Of RMC Sandhurst. Served in Royal Engineers, present in Peninsula War and Crimean War. Jones, General Sir Harry David (I232)
130 Lived at Glencormac House, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland Jameson, George (I179)
131 lived at High Broadrain, near the head of Vale. Was the Vicar of Wythburn, just beyond Dunmail Raise. Grasser, Cumbria, England Sympson, Rev Joseph (I12)
132 lives in Australia Jameson, Adrian (I849)
133 Lo Maghonda District, Mining Commissioner, believed to have been murdered at M.C.'s camp, Lo Maghonda. Jameson, Arthur John (I189)
134 Logie, Perth, Scotland 
Family F268
135 Major William Henry Cairns 48th regt. (The Buffs) served in The Crimean War 1854-58, retired early due to ill health, lived at Bosquetoo, Pau France; 2nd son of William Elliot Cairnes of Stameen, Drogheda, by his wife Marianne Woolsey, 4th daughter of Rev. William Woolsey, MA of Priorland, Co. Louth (whose youngest sister Elizabeth Sophia Woolsey m. James Jameson of Montrose); leaving issue. (See Cairnes Family Tree) Cairnes, William Henry (I222)
136 married at St. Margaret's, Westminster, Family F64
137 Mary came out to Australia in 1838 with her second husband, children Catherine Piggott, John Jamison Brown and St Clarence Brown. Jamison, Mary (I7)
138 May have been Edmond 'James' Jameson Jameson, Edmond John DSO (I370)
139 May well have been the Laurence who died at sea when the Master of the Packet (Alexander Buchan) and four others were lost. JAMESON, Laurence (I67)
140 Maybe - JAMESON, Thomas R. (I61)
141 Memoirs of the Life of Anna Jameson - by By Gerardine Macpherson, Mrs. Oliphant (Margaret), Mrs. Jameson (Anna) - Roberts Brothers, Boston - 1878 - 362 pages 
Murphy, Anna Brownell (I2)
142 Minister of South Leith Robertson, Reverend James DD (I39)
143 Mother's name at birth listed as Margaret Stiven Jamesone, Margaret (I807)
144 Mother's name at birth listed as Margaret Stiven Jamesone, Thomas (I808)
145 Mother's name at time of birth listed as Margarit Stevin Jameson, John (I801)
146 Mothers name at time of Christening listed as Margarit Stevine Jameson, James (I8)
147 Name is spelled Jamison on his tombstone. Spelled Jameson in Jamesons in Ameeica Jamison, Samuel (I28)
148 Name may have been Arthur George Jameson Jameson, Arthur John (I189)
149 Name may have been John William Jameson Jameson, James William (I372)
150 Name spelled "Sibbila Lacky" on marriage record Family F24

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