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201 Raised by his mother, in the family of John Ower and then later, John Burgess Jamison, John Thomas (I54)
202 Resided at Kilsarn House, Castle Bellingham, Co. Louth and 13 Crossthwaite Park, Kingstown Jameson, James Arthur Henry (I242)
203 Resided at Merrion Square, Dublin and he was very wealthy. His wealth and estates were inherited by his younger brother James Jameson of Montrose. It is thought he never married and apparently had no children. There has been considerable debate over date of death. Jameson, William (I17)
204 Resided in Guernsey 1898 and lived at Woodcote, St Andres, Guernsey CI Foster, Percival Lloyd (I699)
205 Robert and his wife had 11 children. Jameson, Robert William (I87)
206 Ruth Hart 4th and youngest daughter of George Vaughan Hart, QC, LLD, of Woodside, Howth Co. Dublin and of 14 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin by his wife Mary Elizabeth (Eva) Hone daughter of Addison Hone of Rosvale, Raheny, Co. Dublin and Freeman of City of Dublin. Hart, Ruth (I416)
207 Rylstone History Online - The Late Mrs. Jamison - The Last of a Great Family McLean, Margaret Effie (I37)
208 Said to be a cousin Jameson, Catherine (I33)
209 Said to have been the last Jameson connected (Director) with the Jameson Whiskey Company  Jameson, William Shane Musgrave (I508)
210 said to have been the protege of Basil Montagu. Jameson, Robert Sympson (I1)
211 She was a accomplished water-colour artist. Jameson, Elizabeth Sophia (I164)
212 Sold Woodcote in 1956 and lived in La Mouette, St. Martins, Guernsey. Mayson, Winfred May (I700)
213 Some believe there were nine children, including an Emily Jameson (b.c1800-d.1831), based on an 1834 letter written by Green Jameson's brother, Christopher Hawkins Jameson. The Emily mentioned in that letter is however, much more likely the second wife of Willis Lee Jameson. Family F62
214 Some have date of birth as 1630, Aberdeen Jamesone, Mary (I14)
215 Some have date of birth as 1630, Aberdeen Jamesone, Mary (I14)
216 Some have Malcom's birth as 1826 Jameson, Malcolm (I156)
217 Some say there were six (6) children. Family F1
218 Sometimes listed as born in Windfield, County Galway, Ireland Jameson, Elizabeth Sophia (I164)
219 Sometimes listed as having been born in Windfield, Co. Galway, Ireland Jameson, Mary Anne (I162)
220 Sometimes said to have been born in Windfield, County Galway, Ireland Jameson, Captain Robert O'Bryen (I163)
221 Sometimes said to have died young. However Elizabeth (age 48 b.Dublin) appears in the 1881 UK Census as living with her sister Mary Anne Coleridge, in Kensington. Furthermore, there are 1884 London, Death and Probate records
Jameson, Elizabeth Sophia (I164)
222 St. George's Parish Official Christening record (clearly) lists 'Abode' as "Hollywell." Siblings however are (clearly) listed as "Hollybank." Jameson, Arthur John (I189)
223 St. John's Hospital, Bath, Somerset, England. He graduated with a Master of Arts (M.A.). Jameson, Rev. William Luxmoore (I551)
224 St. Martins, Guernsey, CI Ozanne, John Gabrielle (I701)
225 St. Nicholas Jameson, Arthur Bellingham (I238)
226 Surgeon in Melbourne. JAMESON, John Carmichael (I103)
227 Surgeon of Ambleside Ross, William (I16)
228 Surname also sometimes spelled Jamieson and Jameson Jamison, John Thomas (I54)
229 Surname may have been incorrectly spelt as Elliot in some hisoric records. Allott, Elizabeth (I17)
230 Surname may have been spelled "Please" Place, Sarah (I79)
231 Surname sometimes "Patton" Paton, William (I51)
232 Surname sometimes spelled Hanson HENSON, Mary (I82)
233 Surname spelled "Jamison" on Parish Birth Record Jameson, John (I76)
234 The Dr. Jameson of the Jameson raid in South Africa in 1895-1896. JAMESON, Leander Starr (I89)
235 There are three OPR Marriage Records for what can only be this marriage.
20 Apr 1787 - St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Scotland - OPR 685/02 0170 0210
21 May 1787 - Edinburgh, Scotland - OPR 685/01 0510 0361
22 May 1787 - Leith, South, Edinburgh - OPR 692/020 0110 131 
Family F148
236 There is a 18 November 1651, O.P.R. Marriage Record (168/0B 0060 0084), at Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland, for an Alexander Jamesone and a Margaret Beverlay.
Then a 14 Jul 1657, O.P.R. Birth record (168/0A 0040 0316) in Aberdeen, for a Jeane Jamesone, daughter of an Alexander Jamesone and Margaret Bawerlay.
These records are often associated with this Alexander Jamesone (b.1636), which would seem a stretch, given the 1851 marriage would be when he was only 15 years old. 
Jamesone, Alexander (I21)
237 There is also a 30 Mar 1808, O.P.R. Marriage record (# 692/2 110 374) for these people in Leith South, Edinburgh. Scotland Family F29
238 There is an O.P.R. Death record - here - for a John Jameson who is recorded as having died 26 March 1700, in Edinburgh. It is however, difficult to know if this is the same person. Jamieson, John Paul (I1)
239 There is however, a OPR marriage record for a 31 January 1613 of an Andro Jamesone to a Agnes Drum, in Aberdeen (# 168/0A 0120 0297)

and a subsequent OPR birth record for a 14 Nov 1613 of an Andro Jamesone to this same Andro and Agnes (Drum) Jameson, also in Aberdeen City (# 168/0A 0020 0192).

Both suggesting that perhaps this Andro Jmesone did live to maturity. 
Jamesone, Andrew (I19)
240 There is some confusion about the birth and baptism of this Christian Pringle. There are two different O.P.R. for these events. One in June (27th) of 1812 in Chrichton, the other in May (22nd) and June (6th or 27th) of 1813 in Liberton. Pringle, Christian (I88)
241 This George Jamesone is almost always said to be the son of Andrew and Marjory (Anderson) Jameson. although there is rarely any supporting proof or source for this pairing. George is surprisingly without any O.P.R. Birth record, even though his assumed siblings do. There are several other Jamesone families in St, Nichols, Aberdeen at that time, having children, they too all seem to have O.P.R. birth records.

There is however, definitive proof of George as the second son of Andro in the way of specific references to 1607 documents from the Sasines Books of the Byrgh of Aberdeen, stating the connection in no uncertain terms (#s 4 & 5 on page 188). These references can be found in the appendix section (pages 187-193) of George Jamesone-The Scottish Vandyck, written by John Bulloch and published in 1885. 
Jamesone, George (I1)
242 This John Jameson was married to a :Janet.: but her exact surname is not known. Some say it is "Keen although that name is more often thought to be the surname of his son "John's" second wife "Janet." Others say this John's wife's surname was "Gilmour." Jameson, James (I3)
243 This marriage is questionable, as there are anomalies. Specifically this Eliza Wilson goes on to marry again, listed as a widow. Family F16
244 This may be the David Jamesone, ancestor of John 'Whiskey' Jamesone Jamesone, David (I6)
245 This may have been a child of a previous marriage for John McLean and may have been the Marion McLean, born 13 Aug 1828 (perfect timing to be the 8y on the Midlothian) in Portree, Isle of Syke, to a John McLean and Mary McLeod (that's down the road, 5-6 miles from Snizort, where John married Marion McLean in 1831) OPR birth record # 114/ 20 36 McLean, Marion (I88)
246 This Thomas Jamison (1805-1888) is assumed as a son of Thomas Jamison (1752-1811). His death certificate lists his father as "Thomas Jamison" being the only possible connection. Thomas is buried in Glen Alice cemetery, along with several known descendants of this larger Jamison family suggesting a connection.  Jamison, Thomas (I80)
247 Thomas Jameson was a wealthy shipowner, merchant and burgess of the city of Edinburgh JAMESON, Thomas (I81)
248 Thomas was living in Harbridge and Mary was living in near by Ibsley, both Hampshire, England, at the time they were married. Family F2
249 Thomas went to Leith and was apprenticed to the soap business. He went into partnership in the soap-boiling business with the Paton family and the firm was listed as Jamieson and Patten, soap and candle makers, in the directory for 1778-1779. However most of the Patons had sold out to him and his brother-in-law, Andrew Paton in 1782. This partnership was dissolved by mutual consent in 1796.


Robert Jameson and Shetland: A Family History, Jessie M. Sweet. 
JAMESON, Thomas (I69)
250 Town Church Family F229

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