Lincoln Co., MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jamerson, Genevieve Maybell  2 Jan 1921Lincoln Co., MO I110
2 Jamerson, Green Henry Clay  16 Mar 1832Lincoln Co., MO I78
3 Jamerson, Green Montgomery  2 Jun 1876Lincoln Co., MO I96
4 Jamerson, Ira Russell  18 Apr 1885Lincoln Co., MO I100
5 Jamerson, Iris Melrose  14 Aug 1913Lincoln Co., MO I107
6 Jamerson, James Presley  14 Jan 1896Lincoln Co., MO I102
7 Jamerson, Jessamine  7 Jul 1881Lincoln Co., MO I98
8 Jamerson, Jessamine Z.  22 Mar 1848Lincoln Co., MO I86
9 Jamerson, John Morgan  25 May 1883Lincoln Co., MO I99
10 Jamerson, Lenora Maybell  18 Feb 1888Lincoln Co., MO I101
11 Jamerson, Mary Lula Jane  28 Jan 1879Lincoln Co., MO I97
12 Jamerson, Nancy  1846Lincoln Co., MO I85
13 Jamerson, Sylvia Idell  11 Dec 1910Lincoln Co., MO I106
14 Jamerson, Thomas J.  10 Dec 1845Lincoln Co., MO I84
15 Jamerson, Willis Bradford  27 Aug 1918Lincoln Co., MO I109
16 Jamerson, Willis Franklin  22 Aug 1852Lincoln Co., MO I87
17 Jameson, Albert Gallatin  Abt 1819Lincoln Co., MO I74
18 Jameson, Berjerome  31 Mar 1830Lincoln Co., MO I270
19 Jameson, Burluvetta Ann  23 Nov 1827Lincoln Co., MO I269
20 Jameson, Francis Henrietta  13 Oct 1836Lincoln Co., MO I252
21 Jameson, George Walden  1827Lincoln Co., MO I77
22 Jameson, John J.  13 Feb 1834Lincoln Co., MO I79
23 Jameson, Paulina Ann  May 1825Lincoln Co., MO I76
24 Jameson, Thomas Mahan  24 Sep 1822Lincoln Co., MO I75
25 Pierce, Flora Ann  8 Jul 1859Lincoln Co., MO I93
26 Savage, Catherine  30 Dev 1820Lincoln Co., MO I134
27 Webb, Sarah Elizabeth  16 Aug 1857Lincoln Co., MO I155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jamerson, Iris Melrose  14 Aug 1914Lincoln Co., MO I107
2 Jamerson, James Presley  19 Jul 1897Lincoln Co., MO I102
3 Jamerson, Jessamine  Abt 1885Lincoln Co., MO I98
4 Jamerson, Mary Lula Jane  3 Dec 1945Lincoln Co., MO I97
5 Jamerson, Willis Franklin  27 Jun 1916Lincoln Co., MO I87
6 Jameson, Berthier  24 Jul 1864Lincoln Co., MO I267
7 Jameson, Eloise T.  3 Dec 1873Lincoln Co., MO I234
8 Jameson, Francis Henrietta  4 Sep 1883Lincoln Co., MO I252
9 Jameson, Gillian S.  7 May 1856Lincoln Co., MO I227
10 Jameson, John J.  11 Jul 1924Lincoln Co., MO I79
11 Jameson, Robert  1852Lincoln Co., MO I65
12 Jameson, Robert  27 Apr 1887Lincoln Co., MO I73
13 Jameson, Thomas Mahan  31 Mar 1912Lincoln Co., MO I75
14 Jameson, William M.  Abt 12 Sep 1831Lincoln Co., MO I62
15 Kennedy, Rhoda  14 Dec 1858Lincoln Co., MO I248
16 Ware, Cyntha  Abt 1851Lincoln Co., MO I80


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jamerson / Pierce  11 Feb 1875Lincoln Co., MO F19
2 Jamerson / Ware  8 Aug 1844Lincoln Co., MO F15