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Accomplishments - Mcmillan Jameson

1782 Surgeon with detachment from the First Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery located in Jamaica (also reference to another by the same name but as Second Lieutenant, same detachment, maybe a son named McMillan)

1788 wrote an article for Memoirs of the Medial Society of London dated 29 Dec 1788, given as being Surgeon in the Island of Jamaica, Port Royal

1790 at Port Royal, listed as Surgeon, with Second Battalion detachment

1790 Left the Island in Apr 30, was at Port Royal

1793 Commissioned Officers Macmillan Jameson S. K A. May 1793 O.M.D. Jan 1804

1794 notice to sell “capacious dwelling house” belonging to him listed as Esq at Port Royal

1799 Assistant Judges and of the Quorum, Surrey Assizes, Port Royal, Assistant Surgeon-General and Deputy Inspectors " MacMelhan Jameson, 27th December, 1809”

1821 Ordinance Medial Department, Resident Surgeon, Macmil. Jameson, M.D. 27 Dec 1809

1826 died Trinity House near Edinburgh, probate 10 Aug 1826, mentions wife Frances, and that he was Doctor Macmillan Jameson, Surgeon General Ordinance Medical Department and formerly Inspector of Hospital

1827 Causalities since last publication, listed under Surgeon-General and Inspector, Jameson Ord. Med. Dep. 1827 (no first name)

Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards Vol 1, date unknown, listed as Patron, Dr Jameson, Surgeon-General Ordinance, Rock Avenue (don’t know where Rock Avenue is located)

Also same reference in An historical essay on the dress of the ancient and modern Irish

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