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1 3rd son of Francis George Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary, great nephew of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 1st Cousin to Rt. Hon Sir John-Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge and Lord Chief Justice of England. Coleridge, Arthur Duke (I264)
2 Painted Water Colours and a member of RA. painted the watercolour Weir bridge, Ramelton, Co. Donegal Jameson, James Arthur Henry (I242)
3 Vice-Commodore of the Royal St. George's Yacht Club, Kingstown, Dublin, and a distinguished yachtsman, who sailed the Britannia for HM King Edward VII and HM King George V; and sailed the Iverna in 1893. Jameson, William George (I172)
4 12 Earl's Court Terrace Jameson, Robert William (I87)
5 1871 census has her birth as 1852. Mitchell, Emily Margaret (I267)
6 2nd marriage record listing of 26 Mar 1746 at St. Cuthbert's Family F16
7 6th Baron Bellew of Barmeath Bellew, Sir Bryan Bertram (I512)
8 Australian Dictionary of Biography Jamison, Sir John (I6)
9 The Wadsworth Trust Jameson, Thomas (I11)
10 Not to be confused with another John Jameson of about the same time, also in Australia. It seems that during the 1820's there were 2 John Jamisons in the colony. The one that spelt his name with an 'e' was not a Sir but rather a grazier who took up land near Goulburn in the parish of Wollondilly. He called his property Greenwich Park whichh recently sold for 8.1m to an overseas buyer. This John Jamieson married Sophie Burgin? and they had 3 children John in 1826 Philip 1827 and William in 1829. They also had a daughter Mary. The three boys attended Kings School Parramatta during the late 1830's and 1840's. Their address is stated as Wollondilly. Jamison, Sir John (I6)
11 A great naturalist and explorer, who discovered the river sources of the Umnati and Umfali in South Africa and he later joined the expeditions of famous explorer Mr. Stanley for the relief of the Emin Pasha. (He was a collector of insects and arachnids in Africa.) "The Collection of Butterflies, made by the late Mr. James S. Jameson during the Expedition undertaken for the relief of Emin Pasha, has been submitted to us, Godman & Salvin (1890), by Mrs. Jameson for determination. The collection contains about 218 specimens belonging to 132 species. So far as we can now determine, it was formed either in the valley of the Lower Congo between Matadi and Stanley Pool, or at the camp at Yambuya on the Aruwimi river. The very adverse conditions under which the specimens were collected and the subsequent treatment they must have undergone after Mr. Jameson's death account for the smallness of the collection, as from some of the notes in the foregoing diary it is evident that many more specimens must have been preserved than ever reached Mrs. Jameson's hands." James explored land of Matebelis; also Montana; back in Africa with Stanley, he witnessed a cannibal banquet in Upper Congo, and was accused by Stanley of instigating it (Times, 8 Nov. 1890). A diary of the Emin Pasha expedition has been published Jameson, James Sligo (I199)
12 A yachtsman and owned the yacht, Iverna, (built by Fay's in 1890. She was designed by A Richardson, the well-known yacht designer, with a length of 98 feet and a Thames Measurement tonnage 152, she was one of the 'big clas\\? yachts in the early 1890s and won 22 prizes in 1891; the last of the great yachts of that owed their inspiration to cutters as the America, and outclassed by 1895 by the big new cutters as the Britannia.) Jameson, John (I168)
13 aboard ship "Statesman" on the way to Australia Stewart, Elizabeth (I33)
14 aboard the ship "Glenbervie" on their way to Australia Brown, Maria Christina (I98)
15 According to family records he was a Captain in the Merchant Navy and he was drowned at sea. There are no details about this. Jameson, Thomas (I22)
16 Actual date of birth is unclear. There is a Alloa Parish Record that lists October 5, 1740 apparently as the date of Baptism. At that time, Baptisms were generally done as soon as possible, making his actual birth likely only a few days earlier. Jameson, John (I1)
17 Alberto Jameson de la Precilla Senador e Ingeniero Jameson, Alberto (I38)
18 Alexander and Frances did not have children of their own. However, they did take in "3 nieces to raise," sometime in the latter 1830s. These were Elizabeth (b.c.1818), Frances (b.c.1826) and Jane (b.c.1833). Family F2
19 All Saints Jameson, Harry William (I236)
20 Amateur artist and collector of a fine library Jameson, Andrew (I153)
21 Andrew James Jameson (Rt.Hon.), PC (Ireland), DL, High Sheriff (Co.Dublin1902) JP; of Sutton House, Sutton, Baily, Co. Dublin and of 9, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin He was b. 17th August 1855 Educ. Entered Trinity College, Dublin 18th February 1873 MA, and at Trinity College, Cambridge, Rugby Blue 1874, BA 1878, School International College, London; Chairman and Managing Director of John Jameson & Son Ltd 1905-41, Director of Bank of Ireland 1887-1941, Governor of Bank of Ireland 1896-98, President of Dublin Chamber of Commerce 1921-22; Irish Convention 1917, a Senator of Irish Free State 1922-36. Jameson, Andrew James (I198)
22 Andrew Jameson "set up a whiskey distillery in Fairfield near Enniscorthy, County Wexford in the south-east of Ireland. Andrew and his family lived in a beautiful old moated house, Daphne Castle, surrounded by a park near Enniscorthy." Jameson, Andrew (I20)
23 Andrew Jameson had a Whiskey distillery in rhe village of Forge, on the Urrin, which derives its name from an extensive forge formerly established there, which appears by an ancient document to have belonged, in 1560, to Colonel Robert Phayre, and was then employed in the manufacture of sword blades. In 1818 the works were converted into a distillery by Andrew Jameson, Esq., who, in the course of 12 years, expended upwards of 25,000 on the establishment, and in 1830 it produced 55,594 gallons of spirits; it has been since discontinued (1837), and part of it converted into a flour-mill, capable of producing nearly 40,000 barrels annually, and for working which there is a copious supply of water. Jameson, Andrew (I20)
24 Andrew Jameson lived at 24 Hartcourt Street, in St. Peter's Parish, Dublin, with his wife Catherine and their children, until the mid 1820s when he moved with his wife Margaret to County Wexford, where he had established a distillery some years earlier. Jameson, Andrew (I20)
25 Annie Jameson is often incorrectly listed as having been born in Ennis, County Weastmeath, Ireland. This is undoubtedly a misread of her 1920 Londond death record, the usual source for her birth date. There is no Ennis in County Westmeath and the family was known to be living in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, at the time of her birth. Jameson, Annie Fenwick (I66)
26 Apparently died young. Does not appear with the family in the 1851 census, nor can any record of him be found other then his birth records and 1841 census. JAMESON, Ross (I12)
27 Apparently died young. Does not appear with the family in the 1851 census, nor can any record of him be found other then his birth records. JAMESON, Edward (I13)
28 Apparently never married. He was an artist-sculptor who was best known for his naturalistic paintings (oil on canvas). He resided at various times in London, Scotland and Paris JAMESON, Middleton Alexander (I9)
29 Arms Granted to him - A Directory of Gentlemen of Coat-Armour (Vol 2) - Arthur Charles Fox-Davies - Edinburgh : T.C. & E.C. Jack - p.1043
Jameson, Maurice Eyre Francis Bellingham (I460)
30 Arms Granted to him - The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Comprising a Registry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time. Vol II - p.536 Jameson, Reverend John (I159)
31 Arrivial ship's manifest lists his age as 35 (b. c.1902)
Burial record (tombstone inscription) tests his age as 86 (b. c.1790) - Many of the bounty immigrants lied about their age. The scheme was designed to bolster the population of NSW with young farming families and the cut off age may have been 40 yrs old for males. This John McLean, arriving in 1837 with his wife Marion and children, was likely 47 yrs old on arrival, misrepresenting his age by a little over 10 years to gain access to the program.  
McLean, John (I42)
32 Artist, Schoolmaster (at Egremont), Reverend (priested at Haile (just south of Egremont) in 1813. The following year he became curate of Sherburn, Fenton and Saxton in Yorkshire). in 1822 he was appointed Master of the Free Grammar School at Sherburn. Jameson, Thomas (I11)
33 As with brother George, there has not been any O.P.R. of Birth found gor this Andrew.

There is a reference that an Andrew Jameson had died before certain documents had been prepared and that George was the eldest son. This can be interpreted to mean that George was the eldest surviving son, not the oldest son. 
Jamesone, Andrew (I19)
34 Assumed location Fisher, Mary (I2)
35 Assumed that William and John were brothers Family F3
36 Assumed to have died young, as he is not mentioned in the testimony regarding his parents divorce, nor can anything be found about him apart from his birth. Jameson, John (I86)
37 Assumed to have died young, as she is not mentioned in the testimony regarding her parents divorce, nor can anything be found about her apart from her birth. Jameson, Frances (I87)
38 Assumed to have died young, as she is not mentioned in the testimony regarding her parents divorce, nor can anything be found about her apart from her birth. Jameson, Margaret (I88)
39 Assumed to have died young, as she is not mentioned in the testimony regarding her parents divorce, nor can anything be found about her apart from her birth. Jameson, Catherine Eliza (I90)
40 Assumed to have died young, as she is not mentioned in the testimony regarding her parents divorce, nor can anything be found about her apart from her birth. Jameson, Margaret (I91)
41 at 24 Harcourt St, Dublin, Ireland Jameson, Caroline (I89)
42 at 24 Harcourt St, Dublin, Ireland Jameson, Catherine Eliza (I90)
43 at 24 Harcourt St, Dublin, Ireland Jameson, Margaret (I91)
44 at 24 Harcourt Street Jameson, John (I86)
45 at 24 Harcourt Street Jameson, Frances (I87)
46 at 24 Harcourt Street Jameson, Margaret (I88)
47 At the time of Griffith's Valuation (1853) the Reverend William Jameson, brother-in-law of Benjamin Lee Guinness, held three townlands in the parish of Cong, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo, previously part of the O'Donel of Newport estate. In 1876 he owned 1831 acres in county Mayo and 316 acres in county Galway.
Jameson, Reverend William (I152)
48 At the time of their marriage, Edward Cookman was living at Monart House, Templeshanbo, County Wexford and Isabella Jameson was living at 4 Glanmire Terrace, Sanford, Dublin. Family F28
49 Australian Ships arrival (Midlothian) document indicates birth in 1832. The OPR Birth record, may be a 24 May 1835 christening date (same as his brother Alexander. McLean, George (I82)
50 Baron Campbell von Laurents Campbell, Ronald Macleay Laurentz (I270)

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