Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crabbe, Ivan Stewart Eyre  Sep 1883Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I858
2 Jameson, Aileen Elizabeth Eyre St Leger  1868Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I248
3 Jameson, Charles O'Brien  22 Mar 1866Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I262
4 Jameson, Charles Villiers  29 Jun 1870Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I249
5 Jameson, Charlotte Elizabeth  10 Dec 1845Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I234
6 Jameson, Helen Maud  5 Dec 1856Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I243
7 Jameson, James Arthur Henry  24 Dec 1855Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I242
8 Jameson, Major John Eustace  22 Mar 1852Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I257
9 Jameson, Mary Anstell Rosina  8 Mar 1866Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I247
10 Jameson, Nora Frances  17 Jan 1862Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I246
11 Jameson, William Bellingham  21 Aug 1859Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland  I245
12 Prittie Perry, Samuel James  4 Mar 1868Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I381
13 Prittie Perry, Thomasina  31 May 1869Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland I382